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Web development as freelancer

As a full-stack web developer, I have an eye for the big picture as well as for the details. I am on hand with help and advice in all areas of web development.

Standards-compliant frontend development

Based on given designs and concepts I create frontends in standards-compliant HTML, CSS and JavaScript. In the process I use different technologies and frameworks like SCSS for creating well structured modular CSS, Webpack and Pangolin.js for atomic design.

By default, I support all modern browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Microsoft Edge. If necessary, Internet Explorer can also be supported.

All frontends I develop are responsive for optimal display on all common screen sizes from smartphones to full HD monitors.

TYPO3 integration & extension development

I set up the TYPO3 CMS completely according to your needs. I create the necessary templates or adapt existing ones so that they fit the CSS and JavaScript. I install and configure the necessary extensions, such as News or Grid Elements. Code from the TYPO3 CMS or 3rd party extensions is never changed, but only built upon, so that the system can be updated regularly with as little effort as possible.

If the desired functionality cannot be achieved with either TYPO3 CMS on-board features or existing extensions, I develop one or more extensions that are tailored to your needs.

Web application development with Symfony

Do you have special requirements for an application that cannot be solved with existing software? Or do you have an application that needs to be maintained or modernized? On the basis of Symfony, I develop applications tailored to the customer needs.

Furthermore it is possible to wrap old, so-called legacy applications, into a new Symfony application and  renew it bit by bit. The benefit is, that all old parts continue to work as before and you can do a smooth migration from the old to the new application.


So please send me an email to thorben@webcoast.dk or call me on +45 81 71 81 25.