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Work as a freelance contractor

As a freelance contractor I offer my services in frontend development, TYPO3 CMS integration and development. Furthermore I can support you running the finished website and keep it technically up-to-date.

Depending on your needs, I work on individual tasks or an entire project. I can work both alone and within your team. As a full-stack web developer, I have an eye for the big picture as well as for the details. Thereby I can also be the link between different parts of your development and operations teams.

I only work remotely. I will attend meetings via video conference tools.

Please see below for more details on the different areas of service.

Frontend development

My starting point for frontend development is usually a given design in Figma, Adobe XD or similar tools. In some cases I recreate the frontend of an existing website. In most cases I create a frontend prototype containing all avaialble elements and a few example pages.

The frontend prototype is created following atomic design principals and uses modern webdevelopment technologies like SCSS and building tools like Webpack or Vite. The resulting CSS and JavaScript supports modern browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Edge (only Chrome versions) and Safari. The frontend prototype use responsive web design to achieve the best user experience on the different screens and devices.


I have strong knowledge of TYPO3 CMS due to the many years of experience with it. I usually start with an existing frontend prototype and design to integrate into TYPO3 CMS and deliver a fully configured and ready to use TYPO3 CMS installation. This includes the basic installation, integration of CSS and JavaScript, configuration of available content elements and fields and adjusting the templates, layouts and partials to match the examples from the frontend prototype.

If required, I configure custom content types, add and configure third-party extensions like news or develop custom extensions to meet the customers needs. Furthermore I can setup the form framework, so that editors can build forms themselves. As one of the last steps I hide or remove all unused fields and options to make it easier to navigate for editors and reduce the risk of using features that are not implemented.

Deployment, updates and maintenance

I value quality, stability and mainainability. Therefore I always opt for creating an automated deployment workflow for the project. This applies to both new TYPO3 projects, where I do the TYPO3 integration for you, and existing projects, where you want me to take over future changes, updates and maintenance.

To implement such a workflow a version control system with compatible continues integration module is required. More on this in the next section on how I work.